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Garissa County

Garissa County covers approximately 54,000 square kilometers and community that mainly live in this region are the Somalis.  The county has population of approximately 623,060 which consist of 334,939 males and 288,121 females.  Population density is 14 per Sq. Km.


Climatic Condition

The county is low lying, with altitudes ranging between 70m and 400m above sea level. The area is hot and dry, receiving rainfall in the range of 150mm -300mm annually.

Tana River runs along the western boundary of the county and is the only permanent natural source of water for Garissa town and the surrounding areas. Seasonal rivers provide water during the wet season for both human and livestock


Agro-Economic Activities

Pastoralism is a major economic activity among the communities who inhabit the county.
Other economic activities in the region include irrigated farming, bee keeping, trading and sand harvesting.






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