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Makueni County

Makueni County covers approximately 8,034.7 square kilometers and community that mainly live in this region are Kamba, with a population of approximately 0.9 million.


Climatic Condition

Makueni County is largely arid and semi-arid and usually prone to frequent droughts. The lower side which is very dry receives little rainfall ranging from 300mm to 400mm.

The County experiences bi-modal rainfall going at a high of 1200mm in the high raised areas of Kilungu and Mbooni. Climate variations and extreme differences in temperatures can be explained by change in altitude. The areas to the North are usually cool with temperatures ranging from 20.2 degrees Celcius to 24.6 degrees Celcius, while the low-lying areas are usually hot. Generally, the county experiences high temperatures during the day and low temperatures at night. During the dry periods between May and October the lower parts of the county experience severe heat.


Agro-Economic Activities

The depressed rains in the lower part of the county hardly sustain the major staple food of maize and beans. Unfortunately, the traditional crops which are drought tolerant have largely been abandoned. This means livestock rearing remains the common viable economic activity being undertaken by the local people in the lower region. The condition has negatively affected agriculture which is the main economic activity in the county.






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