ADS Eastern



No. of Staff & Disciplines

Name of Staff






 Esther Musili Sociologist  Executive Director 
 John Mutua  Agriculture  Deputy Director
 Lydia Muithya  Sociologist  Program Officer, Environment and Climate Change
 Urbanus Mutua  Agriculture  Program Officer, Food Security 
 John Kinyoki  Water development  Program Officer, Water and Sanitation
 Esther Wanza  Financial Management  Senior Finance Officer
 Japheth Katumo Agriculture  Project Manager 
 Marrieta Munyao Accounting and Finance Finance Officer
 Joseph Muthoka Water  Project Officer 
 Sharriff Mukulu  Monitoring and Evaluation  Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
 Evans Mwanzia Agriculture Project Officer
 Stephen Muli Agriculture Project Officer
 Jeniffer Mbithe Community Development Project Officer
 Angeline Muinde  Administration  Adminstrative Assistant 
 Elijah Mogoi  Agriculture  Project Officer 
Maryann Njuguna Human Resource Management HR and Administration Officer
 Emmanuel Mutie Agriculture  Project Officer 
 Monah Mutinda Human Resource Management Project Officer 
 Hellen Ndanu Agribusiness  Project Officer 
 Sam Kyalo Environmental Science Project Officer
 Shadrack Mutua Environmental Management Project Officer
 Japheth Kiminza Environmental Science Project Officer
 Felix Mumo Animal Production Project Officer
 Festus Kimatu Agricultural Economics Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
 Charles Mbuvi Agriculture Project Officer
 Japheth Mutemi Animal Production Project Officer
 Charles Nzee Agriculture  Project Officer 
 Edward Makau Agribusiness Project Officer
 Benson Mutinda Water Project Officer
 Japheth Kioko Security Security Officer
 Isaiah Mutheke   Grounds man
 Mutisya Mulang'a   Statistics  Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Duncan Otieno Agriculture Technical Officer
Simon Ngundo Horticulture Technical Officer
Stephen Kioko Horticulture Technical Officer
Colleta Maingi Horticulture Project Officer
Frida Makau Animal Science Project Officer
Jonathan Kyambi Agriculture Project Officer
Fredrick Mutyango Agriculture Project Officer
Paul Nzuki Agricultural Education Project Officer
Eunice Musangi Community Development Project Officer
John Mwaniki Project Planning Resource Mobilization Officer
 Betty Ngangi  Accounting and Finance  Project Accountant
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