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ISFM Project Location

The project will be located in Makueni County. The area receives an annual rainfall of a 150-700 mm per year. The long rains are received between October and December while the short rains are usually received in August. However, this is very variable due to effects of climate change and global warming.

Fig 1: Map of Makueni CountyFig 1: Map of Makueni County

The soils are sandy and have very humus content and low water holding capacity. The soils are very susceptible to soil erosion due to their coarse textured nature. The temperature in the region has been recorded to be 12- 28 degrees Celsius during cold and hot months respectively. During the drought season rainfall received in the area is less than 250 mm.

Makueni County has an altitude of between 600 and 1900 metres above the sea level and this contributes to the warm temperatures experienced in the county throughout the year.

The project is implemented in the following districts (sub-counties):

Table 3. Project sites and household targetsTable 3. Project sites and household targets


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