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Economic empowerment through VSLA trainings

To Increase economic stability of households to care and protect orphan and vulnerable children under the USAID 4Better Health project, the caregivers continued to be encouraged on the importance of Income Generating Activities, asset acquisition and management. During the VSLA mapping conducted, one group was discovered to own a group asset (a plot) with a value of Ksh. 700,000.

The group is plans to develop a business plan and start a business on the plot and plans are underway to assist the group in developing the business plan and offer technical support.

Additionally, 10 VSLA groups within Kibwezi East and West and linked them to a sister project (ADSE Green business program) where 200 Caregivers were identified and will be trained on Village Saving and Loaning Activity and Soap making which is geared at equipping them with knowledge to start-up IGAs within their individual households

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