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-Annual Message (2020-2021)

Mr John K. Mutua – Chief Executive Officer

This annual report for 2020/2021 gives an overview and a summary of the organization’s key achievements in the past year as well as acting as a resourceful communication tool for the organization to our stakeholders. During the preceding year, the organization’s strategic plan 2020-2025 document was officially unveiled in an effort to improve service delivery to the stakeholders.

The past year has been the most challenging in the recent context of our organization, employees and in the communities which we serve. The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact accelerated through the first half of 2020, culminating in strict measures imposed by the Government to contain the spread of COVID e.g. Curfews, closure of schools and places of worship, ban of social gatherings etc. These measures led to sufferings due to job losses, exerting a lot of pressure on the available food reserves and mental health. Our organization continuity plans and our operational excellence enabled us to limit the effects of the pandemic and continue to serve the needy communities. While addressing the severe challenges of the pandemic, we were able to continue the execution of our planned activities with much focus on the health of less privileged communities we serve giving priorities to Care and Continuity and through this we were able to reach 129,863 beneficiaries’ directly and 131,295 indirectly.

Care: We gave our highest priority to ensure the safety and welfare of our staff and beneficiaries’ at the community level. Everywhere we served; we rapidly implemented hygiene and safety protocols and equipped communities with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) such as face masks and hygiene gels. In addition, we accelerated necessary investments at the office and community’s entry points such as hand washing stations and soap.

Continuity: Despite significant disruptions such as curfews, lock downs, our employees have demonstrated extraordinary determination to adjust and adapt to the evolving landscape. I am proud of their resilience, engagement and relentless focus in the face of personal and professional challenges.

My sincere gratitude goes to the Board of Trustees for their support and oversight during the period, the Board of Directors for their technical support and creating a conducive environment for work during the period, our development partners, for their efforts in enabling us to keep the operations running and to serve the communities in a safe and sustainable manner during these difficult times. With our partners, our community, and guided by our enduring mission, we will continue to respond to this historic crisis with an abiding focus on those we serve and the health of our workforce while learning, growing and harnessing every opportunity it presents. This is the essence of ADSE – rising to every challenge, seeking solutions, finding the path forward, and then leading the way.