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Makueni county Data (2019)

About Makueni County

Makueni County’s 8,000 square kilometers of arid and semi-arid lands stretch south and east toward the coast. Makueni is bordered by Machakos County to the north, Kajiado County to the west, Taita-Taveta County to the south and Kitui County to the east. Tsavo National Park lies in the southern part of the County. Makueni County is host to 6 sub-counties: Makueni, Kaiti, Kilome, Kibwezi East, Kibwezi West and Mbooni. It has a population of 987, 653 people (Vol. 1 KPHC 2019); with 489,691 of the population being male, 497,942 being female and 20 people being intersex. Some Strengths of Makueni County include Natural resources like forests, wildlife, minerals, building sand, water (rivers,) pasture and land. Further, the county has tourist attraction sites such as Kyulu Hills, History of AIC church in Nzaui District, Irrigation in Kibwezi The main economic stay of the county includes subsistence agriculture of fruits, grains etc., beekeeping, small-scale trade, dairy farming and limited coffee growing, eco-tourism, commercial Businesses- home to Konza City. In addition, the area is rich in minerals like graphite, copper, garnet, vermiculite, iron ore, gypsum, pyrite, muscovite, kaolin, magnetite, feldspar, gold, and diatomite. 2016 data places Makueni County’s poverty index at 30.1%

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