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-Annual Message (2020-2021)

Mrs. Rodah Mulili- Chairman of the Board

The year 2020/2021 was a successful one despite the disruptions brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic, causing hard economic times with a rise in the cost of living. The education sector was not spared with the alteration of the school calendar, and the health sector greatly bore the brunt of the pandemic, having had to experience overwhelming inpatient uptake, not to forget our churches and families who were not spared the negative effects ranging from loss of loved ones, domestic violence and child abuse among other vices.

Nevertheless, we were not crushed; God was on our side hence we are here today to witness His goodness. The pandemic came along with positive effects such as; – adaptation of the digital platform as an avenue for meetings and transacting business and conducting church services; establishment of home churches; and improvement on general hygiene practices; etc. let us keep observing the Ministry of Health protocols on Covid19 for wellness and safety. Over this period, ADSE continued to deliver on its mandate of reaching out to the vulnerable communities in the region and managed to raise KES 164,625,369, which we used to reach 261,158 rural communities within the region through the various integrated projects.

We appreciate all the stakeholders whose team spirit and commitment made service delivery possible, especially our development partners who made sacrifices and donations, and the staff who made sure that targets were met timely while implementing the projects. ADSE had a work force of 40 staff members deployed across the projects. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the management and staff for making year 2020/2021 a fruitful one, we thank God for the good work witnessed during that period. The Strategic Plan launched last year continued to guide ADSE in achievement of its vision and goals, under the key thematic areas namely; – Climate Change, Health & Nutrition, Food Security, Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Governance Peace and Advocacy, Institutional Effectiveness, and Social Enterprise. This has given us strategic direction and shaped our service delivery to the communities.

Good governance is the backbone of every successful organization as it guarantees timely delivery of justice to all in a fair manner, at work, at home, at the community level through service delivery and mobilization of resources. It is a manifestation of our organizational culture. The Board of trustees and Directors have continued to execute its mandate towards secure and sustainable livelihoods of the communities as well as institutional strengthening. The Board has taken the lead role to offer governance support and oversight which has made it possible for ADSE to effectively and efficiently deliver on its mandate. In conclusion, I take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders for the team spirit exuded that made it possible to achieve the level of success witnessed during the year under review. To my Lord Bishops of the ACK Dioceses of Machakos, Makueni, Kitui and Garissa, who are also the Board of Trustees of ADSE, I sincerely appreciate your overwhelming support, through your visionary and spiritual leadership and guidance that has continued to shape the direction and culture of this organization.

To the Board of Directors and management, your commitment cannot be over emphasized in steering the day to day operations of the organization. Thank you and God give you the zeal to do even better. To the rest of the staff who are our front-line ambassadors of ADSE in your various capacities and areas of deployment, thank you and God bless you greatly, keep up the spirit.

To our communities in the region, you are the reason why we are, we appreciate you and pray that we shall leave a positive impact in your lives spiritually, economically, physically and emotionally, thank you for your cooperation.

To all our development Partners for walking the dream with us and helping us make it a reality, may the Almighty God bless you greatly for your sacrifice to humanity. We look forward to our continued partnership in serving the communities in the Eastern region. Last but not least to all stakeholders who have impacted on us in one way or the other, your participation and contribution counts and is highly valued. God Bless you.