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Strength in Unity; A Case of Kibauni CBO

Kibauni location was selected among the four poorest locations in Machakos County. After selection, an inception meeting was facilitated by ADSE with the local leaders for familiarity and introduction of ADSE. Later a participatory vulnerability assessment was done so as to identify the local hazards, vulnerable groups, the extent of vulnerability, local capacities and develop workable plans of kibauni location. There after there was a constitution training and formation where leaders were elected and KIBAUNI CBO was birthed.

 Kibauni cbo has 17 groups who have a representative at the project management committee (PMC). The PMC were trained on Organisation Development. The PMC later formed other subcommittees which are executive, monitoring, finance and conflict management.

The PMC meet monthly with the other committees meeting whenever issues arise with their roles well stipulated in the constitution.

“As a community we had so many shortcomings. We depended on our politicians whom after elections would disappear and come out only few days to the elections. Accessing government services was also difficult because they preferred groups to individuals and were not in the community.” Masai CBO chairman.

After the PVCA, a 5 year action plan was developed. Later the group representatives participated in developing a Participatory Activity and Monitoring Matrix (PAMM) where the CBOs one year plan was drawn.

This was good since it was participative and members were able to air their views and take part in their planning.

The PAMM will also be used in fundraising from the different actors responsible by the CBO.  Kibauni CBO took a copy of the PAMM to the county government so that the projects in the PAMM can be given a priority during county planning. After every quarter a PAMM review is done where the CBO is able to measure their progress and any action which they would like to take.

During the first field day in Kibauni, the CBO was able to meet Bell Industries who were exhibiting hermetic technology grain storage bag. They made an agreement here the company would be selling the bag to the CBO at Kes. 200 and the CBO to resale at Kes. 250.

Through the different training and awareness meetings, the CBO has been linked to various government line ministries like ministry of water, agriculture, culture and gender, children department and the national council of people with disability.

The CBO also has a constitution which they adhere to strictly on matters of time keeping, monthly subscription and conflict management. From the monthly subscription, the CBO has been able to rent an office where they hold monthly meetings.

Through bell industry the CBO has been able to sell 150 hermatic grain storage bags at a discounted price of Kes 200 and sell them at Kes 250 making a profit of Kes 7500. This helped them in furnishing the CBO office and also opened a bank account for the CBO.

“We have plans as a CBO start a CBO level VSLA where we can be lending groups the money accumulate in our bank from our subscription and sell of hermatic bags at a lower interest rate. Then the groups will be lending it at a higher interest rate hence both the CBO and the groups will be earning money from both.” Masai CBO chair. This approach will help the CBO unity to be enhanced. The CBO is also planning to take copies of their PAMM to all relevant development offices so that more projects can be funded.

The changes make the CBO members feel optimistic because we can now take part in our development projects.

CBO formation is the best strategy to empower minority community members. People are participatory involved in project planning and allocation increasing their ownership

The future of Kibauni people and CBO looks bright and very promising. They started in a high note and look energizer and ready for this new opportunities.

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